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Vanitas: Skulls and Flowers is a body of work exploring the place of the vanitas in contemporary culture.  Today the vanitas can be read as a reminder that we only have one chance in life so we should value the important moments, the relationships that count and life's unexpected joys. 

Interested in owning one of my images?

To arrange to purchase a print, please contact me through the Contact page or email me at

My photographs are printed on Hahnemule Photo Rag, an archival quality, fine art photo paper made from cotton fibre.  They are printed as giclée prints, a process that offers extremely accurate colour reproduction and which uses a high density of ink.

All photographs are sold framed and behind non-reflective glass (except by prior arrangement).  

Photographs can be printed in a square or portrait format.  Some photographs are suitable to be printed in a landscape format, if you are interested in this option please contact me with the image name.

Prices are as follows:       20 x 20cm   $210

                     30 x 30cm   $340

40 x 40cm   $485

60 x 50cm   $590

85 x 61cm   $850

90 x 65cm   $990    (All prices in AUD)

Other sizes and prices can be negotiated, my images are suitable to print in very large format.


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